Learning on Graphs Conference Team

Learning on Graphs Conference Team

The Learning on Graphs (LoG) Conference is a new annual research conference that covers areas broadly related to machine learning on graphs and geometry, with a special focus on review quality.

Advisory Board

Jian Tang (MILA/HEC Montreal), Jie Tang (Tsinghua), Jure Leskovec (Stanford), Marinka Zitnik (Harvard), Michael Bronstein (Oxford/Twitter), Petar Veličković (DeepMind), Pietro Liò (Cambridge), Regina Barzilay (MIT), Soledad Villar (JHU), Stefanie Jegelka (MIT), Stephan Günnemann (TUM), Xavier Bresson (NUS).

Organizing Commitee

Yuanqi Du (DP Technology), Hannes Stärk (MIT), Derek Lim (MIT), Chaitanya K. Joshi (Cambridge), Andreea Deac (Mila), Iulia Duta (Cambridge), Joshua Robinson (MIT).